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The dataverse of the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences – Plant Sciences (IBG-2)
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Jul 5, 2024 - HyPlant
Buffat, Jim; Rascher, Uwe; Rademske, Patrick; Siegmann, Bastian; Junker-Frohn, Laura; Emin, Dzhaner, 2024, "HyData: HyPlant FLUO at-sensor radiance data packages and FLOX measurements for SIF retrieval method development from selected campaigns of the years 2018 - 2023",, Jülich DATA, V1
This dataset consists of HyPlant FLUO at-sensor radiance measurements from different campaigns in the years 2018 - 2023, FLOX measurements corresponding to several campaigns and matching SFMNN and SFM SIF products.
Jul 5, 2024
Dec 11, 2023
Knopf, Oliver; Castro Rivera, Antony Oswaldo; Bendig, Juliane Viktoria; Warstat, Kevin; Pude, Ralf; Poorter, Hendrik; Rascher, Uwe; Muller, Onno, 2023, "Experimental data: Field Phenotyping of Ten Wheat Cultivars under Elevated CO2 Shows Seasonal Differences in Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Plant Height and Vegetation Indices",, Jülich DATA, V1
The experimental data consist of the LIFT, PhenoCam, UAV, yield and environmental data.
Mar 23, 2022
Acebron, Kelvin, 2022, "Dataset for the Arabidopsis npq study using active and passive fluorescence and reflectance",, Jülich DATA, V1
This dataset contains all the main and supplementary data collected from diurnal measurements of Arabidopsis npq mutants in the summer of 2017 and winter of 2018. The dataset is composed of reflectance measurements, passive fluorescence signal (SIF) and active fluorescence signal...
Mar 22, 2022
Acebron, Kelvin, 2022, "Specim IQ Camera: Dataset for Arabidopsis Case Study",, Jülich DATA, V1
Hyperspectral imaging is a technique used in plant phenotyping which can detect differences in plant traits. Information about the morphology and physiology of plants can be derived by calculating spectral ratios (Vegetation Indices) from hyperspectral datacube. Here we publish t...
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