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The dataverse of the Institute of Energy and Climate Research – Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy (IEK-11)
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Mar 27, 2024 - Electrochemical Energy Conversion
Escalera-López, Daniel; Iffelsberger, Christian; Zlatar, Matej; Novčić, Katarina; Nik Maselj; Van Pham, Chuyen; Jovanovič, Primož; Hodnik, Nejc; Thiele, Simon; Pumera, Martin; Cherevko, Serhiy, 2024, "Allotrope-dependent activity-stability relationships of molybdenum sulfide hydrogen evolution electrocatalysts- graphical dataset",, Jülich DATA, V1
Compilation of data-accessible graphs for manuscript accepted in Nature Communications. Presented data includes processed electrochemical measurements, ICP-MS, EC-MS and XPS datasets in the main manuscript
Feb 8, 2021 - Dynamics of Complex Fluids and Interfaces
Wouters, Maarten; Aouane, Othmane; Sega, Marcello; Harting, Jens, 2021, "Lattice Boltzmann simulations of drying suspensions of soft particles - numerical data",, Jülich DATA, V1
LB3D configuration files (in the folder config) and raw output data (in the folder data) used in the manuscript "Lattice Boltzmann simulations of drying suspensions of soft particles". The file "input-file" contains the simulation parameters. The file "parm_meshes.dat" contains t...
Jan 28, 2021 - Dynamics of Complex Fluids and Interfaces
Jung, David; Harting, Jens; Sega, Marcello, 2021, "Monolayer Structure of Supramolecular Antagonistic Salt Aggregates - Topologies and Configurations",, Jülich DATA, V1
GROMACS topologies and equilibrium configurations of ternary mixtures of as presented in the article "Monolayer Structure of Supramolecular Antagonistic Salt Aggregates". The file naming follows the convention as in this example: phi0.01_cs100.gro, where 0.01 stands for the volum...
Dynamics of Complex Fluids and Interfaces(Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Nov 23, 2020
Research data of the Dept. Dynamics of Complex Fluids and Interfaces at HI ERN (IEK-11)
Aug 28, 2020 - EL images Dataverse
Hoffmann, Mathis; Buerhop-Lutz, Claudia; Reeb, Luca; Pickel, Tobias; Winkler, Thilo; Doll, Bernd; Würfl, Tobias; Peters, Ian Marius; Brabec, Christoph J.; Maier, Andreas; Christlein, Vincent, 2020, "ELPVPower: A dataset for large scale PV power prediction using EL images of cells",, Jülich DATA, V1
Measurements are provided in the folder `data` as PNG-Images. The original measurements have been rescaled to the range [0, 255] globally, such that intensities between measurements are comparable. The dataset comes with a file `data.csv` that provides additional meta data associ...
Aug 6, 2020 - EL images Dataverse
Buerhop-Lutz, Claudia; Deitsch, Sergiu; Maier, Andreas; Gallwitz, Florian; Berger, Stephan; Doll, Bernd; Hauch, Jens; Camus, Christian; Brabec, Christoph J., 2020, "EL Dataset of PV modules",, Jülich DATA, V1
This repository provides a dataset of solar cell images extracted from high-resolution electroluminescence images of photovoltaic modules. The dataset contains 2,624 samples of 300x300 pixels 8-bit grayscale images of functional and defective solar cells with varying degree of de...
EL images Dataverse(Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Aug 6, 2020
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