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Spectroscopy (IEK-9)
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Mar 19, 2024
Jovanovic, Sven; Jakes, Peter; Merz, Steffen; Daniel, Davis Thomas; Eichel, Rüdiger-A.; Granwehr, Josef, 2024, "Replication NMR Data for: In operando NMR investigations of the aqueous electrolyte chemistry during electrolytic CO2 reduction",, Jülich DATA, V1
NMR raw data of 13C and 23Na experiments for the in operando CO2 electrolysis experiments in aqueous HCO3- electrolyte, as described in the publication. The in operando electrolysis experiments were divided into 3 stages: open circuit voltage (OCV), chronoamperometry (CA) at a co...
Mar 11, 2024
Daniel, Davis Thomas; Mitra, Souvik; Eichel, Rüdiger-A; Diddens, Diddo; Granwehr, Josef, 2024, "Replication Data and Code for: 'Machine learning isotropic g values of radical polymers'",, Jülich DATA, V1
This data repository contains the data sets and python scripts associated with the manuscript 'Machine learning isotropic g values of radical polymers '. Electron paramagnetic resonance measurements allow for obtaining experimental g values of radical polymers. Analogous to chemi...
May 22, 2023
Szczuka, Conrad; Rüdiger-A. Eichel; Josef Granwehr, 2023, "Replication Data and Matlab Code for: StructureHyperfineRelations",, Jülich DATA, V1
Supporting data and scripts to the publication "Gauging the importance of structural parameters for hyperfine coupling constants in organic radicals". In the accompanying publication, we present a procedure based on a statistical approach to gauge the importance of structure para...
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